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John Mullins, PhD, is a best-selling author, an internationally recognized thought leader, and a world-renowned Pied Piper for everyone and anyone who seeks to grow their business faster. A veteran of three entrepreneurial ventures and a professor of management practice at London Business School, he’s published four books, each of which has become the go-to source on its stage of the entrepreneurial journey: assessing opportunities (The New Business Road Test); figuring out a business model that will actually work (Getting to Plan B, with the esteemed VC investor Randy Komisar); and finding a way to finance and grow your venture without selling your soul (The Customer-Funded Business). These, along with his most recent book, Break the Rules!, are definitive works on assessing opportunities and on business models.
Drawing on two decades of research into what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, and how they differ from the rest of us, Break the Rules! builds a compelling argument that successful entrepreneurs exhibit six mindsets that allow them to challenge assumptions, overcome obstacles, and mitigate risk to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves along the entrepreneurial path. Surprisingly, however, these mindsets run counter to the conventional wisdom that’s typically found in large and well-established companies. They fly in the face of what’s taught in business schools about strategy, core competencies, target marketing, financing and more.

John is a sought-after speaker to communities of entrepreneurs (YPO and EO), to CEOs and top management teams of fast-growing companies, and to other innovators worldwide. His highly interactive and inspiring workshops on matters relating to starting, financing, and growing fast-growing entrepreneurial companies have found their way to all but two of the world’s seven continents – no call from Oceania or the penguins in Antarctica just yet – and have thereby made an important contribution to the world’s economic development. As the research clearly shows, fast-growing entrepreneurial companies – not start-ups, not large multinationals – are the drivers of job growth everywhere, from America to Zambia. Helping to unlock entrepreneurial potential and its financing is what John loves to do!